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SoulBrasil Cuisine

Taste the Brazilian Biodiversity !

Organic fruit spreads, hot sauces
and lush dressings!

Nossa Alma

Our Soul


Introducing a new experience for condiments, pleasing your palate with surprising flavors and textures, through the essence of Brazilian fruits and chili peppers. All authentic, without complication.

We introduce you to the rich biodiversity and culture that are part of Brazil's amazing culinary traditions.

We "do good through delicious". We look for sourcing partners that foster the recovery of forests and the empowerment of traditional and indigenous communities, providing economic and environmental benefits to them. We also donate part of our profits to serious and exceptional projects focused on vulnerable children.  

Rio de Janeiro
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Our Products


Below some opinions about our products:


"Unique ingredients, multiple culinary applications and sustainability in every step of business makes SoulBrasil Cuisine absolutely unique among vegan condiments worldwide. My favourite is Açaí & Cachaça jam when combined with plant-based cashew cheese. Yum!"


Co-Founder Vegshelf


I think the appreciation you make of Brazil through its products is sensational. It is good for the soul to see Brazil valued. The word "brasilidade" is wonderful!




It's not just about original flavor, but about giving life to everyday dishes and to our palate.
At home, the kids are great fans of the mango jam with cumaru!



Communication Consultant


Those who live in Brazil hardly think about it, but try to take a foreigner for a visit in any street market. I'll bet he or she will be fascinated by the diversity of colors, flavors and textures diversity of the Brazilian fruits.


This is the essence we brought to our vinegars, hot sauces and culinary jams. We want to show that açaí, guava, mango and acerola not only go well in juices or deserts, but also have a huge potential to reinvent your old recipes from the sameness - without complicating anyone's life.

For Soul Brasil Cuisine, flavor, quality, and respect for the producer, consumer and the planet are values that go together. Always!!! 

Igredients SoulBrasil


Ready to review your culinary concepts and to be amazed by the countless (and delicious) possibilities of Soul Brasil Cuisine's vinegars, pepper sauces and culinary jams in almost every type of recipe?

From roasted lamb to ice cream topping. From fruit salad to welcome drinks. Everything is very simple to prepare, and tested and approved by chef Pierre, who reveals a few little secrets to leave your guests at your next Saturday's dinner party truly impressed.

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