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Frequently Asked Questions

Transparency is a core value for SoulBrasil Cuisine. Our main goal is to let you know "why we do it", but we will always make it clear "what we do it" and "how we do it" for our products to reach the consumer kitchen. We will never appeal to branding tricks to try to camouflage information. When a product is not organic, for example, this will be indicated on the label.

Still have questions about our work? Contact us! We will be happy to answer your questions, from A to Z.   

Are SoulBrasil Cuisine products organic?

Yes, our products are organic, and we are very proud of that. They are certified ORGANIC BRAZIL by ECOCERT, a French inspection and certification company founded in 1991.

When, for any reason, a specific product is not organic, we will make it clear on the label.

Transparency is a value we will never give up.

Does SoulBrasil Cuisine products have any allergenic ingredients?

No! SoulBrasil Cuisine's products DO NOT CONTAIN any of the eight types of allergenic food that the World Health Organization considers to be of public health relevance (eggs, milk, fish, crustaceans, nuts, peanuts, wheat or soya).

If we ever launch a product with one of these ingredients, this will be clearly indicated on our label, as stated by law and our own principles.

Are SoulBrasil Cuisine products vegan?

Yes, 100% vegans. We do not work with any ingredient of animal origin.

Are SoulBrasil Cuisine products natural?

We will always be as natural as possible, prioritizing ingredients free of chemical additives, such as preservatives.

Does SoulBrasil Cuisine use any Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) as ingredients?

No! Certified organic products, such as ours, can not contain any genetically modified Organism.

SoulBrasil Cuisine's products are non-GMO!

Does SoulBrasil Cuisine's manufacturing process have any quality certification?

Yes, the factory we work with is IFS Food - International Featured Standards - certified. Recognized worldwide, it attests to the safety and quality of food products and their production processes.

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