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SoulBrasil is much more than a delicious product as we believe in a world where people can help to promote the social and environmental sustainability. We believe in projects that protect the forest and the small communities. Above all, we help institutions that aim the protection and care of those who cannot protect themselves...

Learn more about the projects and initiatives we are involved with. Be part of it!

Origens Brasil® - The Fair Trade Seal

Through this simple QR code - available on the label of some of our products - one can access one of the most innovative and incredible networks for promoting fair trade. It focuses on sustainable development and the socio-environmental diversity of Brazilian biomes.

Highlighting the seriousness and solidity of this initiative, Origens Brasil® won the FAO Innovation Award for Sustainable Food and Agriculture in 2019. FAO is the UN's agriculture arm.

Products that carry this seal care and do everything in their power to contribute to a more ethical and fair world.












Today, SoulBrasil Cuisine has this seal on its following products (more to come!):


- BANIWA CHILI PEPPER WITH AÇAÍ HOT SAUCE, whose pepper is bought directly from the BANIWA people, an ancient indigenous ethnic group located in the upper Rio Negro basin, in the extreme northwest of the State of Amazonas, near the Colombian border.

10% of the the profit of this product is donated to the Baniwa, who use these resources to invest in more "pepper houses" - where these delicacies are processed.

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- UBÁ MANGO WITH TONKA BEAN JAM: Our tonka bean, a seed from an Amazonian tree, is purchased directly from the Calha Norte territory, from the Nhamundá-Mapuera indigenous land.


Before the Origens Brasil initiative, the producer had to sell his or hers tonka bean to three or four intermediaries before it reached the final industry.


Now, SoulBrasil continues to pay the full price but the proceeds go directly to the producer. It is a very efficient way of providing fair income to the local producers and thus encouraging the community to stay in and foster their land. 


This means social development aligned with forest preservation!

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SOS Vida - an oasis of hope in the country side of Bahia Estate

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In an initiative that started a few years before SoulBrasil was created, for personal reasons, the founders explored the world of shelters and childcare homes until, through one of these coincidences of life, they discovered the incredible work that Sister Terezinha Biasi, a southerner who spent most of her adult life in northeastern Brazil, does by supporting vulnerable children.

SOS Vida is located in Eunápolis, a city in need of many and many things, one hour's drive from Porto Seguro airport, on the banks of BR 101 (federal road linking south to north). It is there that Sister Terezinha's team takes care of dozens of children and it is to this marvelous initiative that SoulBrasil donates 1% of its revenue every semester.

I strongly recommend more research at the link below (Portuguese only):

Supporting the Small Producer

Whenever possible, we prefer to buy from the small producer - an initiative that aims not only at the socioeconomic development of the small, but also the support for him or her to continue in his or her land, protecting it.


Want some examples?


Our fidalga chili pepper comes from a producer, participating of the cooperative of organic producers of Bororé Island - a peninsula accessible by ferry within the municipality of São Paulo. That's right, in an area highly coveted by land grabbers there is a resistance formed by organic producers who supply some markets and restaurants in São Paulo.


Even being inside the municipality, a trip from the center usually takes about 2 hours to complete, crossing areas lacking everything and some scarce remnants of the Mata Atlântica forest. It is worth getting to know better



Our guaraná comes from Mauês, AM. Have you heard of this place?

The village was founded at the end of the 17th century and is almost 400km away (by boat) from Manaus - it is from there that the purest and most intense organic guaraná powder comes from. In 2020, the guaraná of ​​the Indigenous Land Andirá-Marau, in Maués, received the Indication of Origin (IP) certification from the INPI (Brazilian Institute for Patents). 

A cooperative that brings together several local producers and sells this guarana to Brazil and the world.

Yeah! the world knows and consumes the best guarana in Brazil. What about you??

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