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Our Soul

Our proposal is to bring the Brazilian soul in the form of spices and condiments into your recipes, all of them. From a simple burger to a risotto; from lamb chops to French fries.


Our vinegars, pepper sauces and culinary jams are practical and add amazing flavor to almost any dish your creativity designs and whenever you feel like it.

And what about all those unpronounceable additives? They are in none of our products. Everything Soul Brasil Cuisine does is as natural as possible, 100% authentic. From animal based or GMO ingredients? NO WAY! We do our best to work only with organic ingredients. Whenever this seems to be impossible, we will clearly disclose this information on our label. Transparency and respect for the consumer is like a mantra to us.

Does this mean that's a lot of work? Sure it does! We would rather produce in small batches, with care, than give up part of our soul, our essence.


Above all, our principle goal is to "do good through delicious". That means that part of Soul Brasil Cuisine's profits is donated to SOS Vida, a Brazilian institution we know for a long time and that carries out a extraordinary work with vulnerable children. Learn more about SOS Vida at 

Our History

Leticia and Peter Feddersen, founders of Soul Brasil Cuisine, love to travel around the world. The visits to local markets to learn more about the ingredients that give soul and flavor to the local dishes is the preferred part of the couple's itineraries.

But something has always frustrated the two travelers: they have never found products that reflect the diversity of Brazilian culinary flavors in other countries. Any good supermarket in the planet sells Mexican pepper, Indian curry or Dijon mustard. Why don't they also sell Amazonia chili peppers or Brazilian fruits?

It was because this uneasiness, coupled with Peter's passion for cooking, that Soul Brasil Cuisine was born. Passion, by the way, worth a parenthesis. Leticia and Peter are Cariocas (i.e. from Rio de Janeiro), but about 20 years ago they moved to Sao Paulo (Brazil's financial capital) because of their work. No beach, mountain hikes or fantastic landscapes nearby to just admire the sunset made them discover a new great relaxing way to enjoy their weekends: cooking for friends.

Peter's kitchen, however, never follows a recipe. He always likes to improvise. It was through testing, failing here and hitting there, that Peter ended up earning the nickname chef Pierre from his friends. It was in one of these cooking adventures that Peter (Pierre) discovered that açaí fruit, cachaça, and a little bit of rosemary form an incredible sauce to go with roasted lamb.


One day Leticia and Peter decided to gamble on a new endeavor. They gave up their previous professional lives and created a business that unites and mixes the flavors that translates as Brazilian Soul: Soul Brasil Cuisine.

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