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Guava & Cumari Chili Pepper Jam 

The cumari do Pará chili pepper provides a touch of spice to the sweetness of guava jam.

- Natural and organic 

- Preservatives free, Allergen free, and Non-GMO

- Vegan

- And, of course, with lots of flavor!

Jams with Brazilian flavor to surprise you!

Chef's Tips:

Daring, level I (Humm, very good indeed!)

Use and abuse with matured cheese.

Daring, level II (Isn't that exquisite?)

Brush it generously when almost finishing a roasted pork loin. Divine!

Daring, level III (God in heaven, sensational!)

Blend it with a little bit of hot water to form a wonderful sauce for a tasteful magret de canard. Now I am salivating!


Cumari do Pará Chili Pepper

Very spice, yet very aromatic. It is a triangular fruit that usually measures up to 3 cm by 1 cm, with a beautiful bright yellow color when ripe. Its pungency scores around 50.000 units on the Scoville Scale.

Producing Region

The cumari do Pará chili pepper, as with many peppers from the Capsicum Chinense species, is commonly found in the Amazon Basin. 


Net Weight:

200 g (7.05 oz)


Organic guava, organic Demerara sugar, citric acid*, cumari do Pará chili pepper*, pectin*.

* Non-organic ingredients - GLUTEN FREE.

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