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Cupuacu & Vinegar

This condiment has a French inspiration, but we use truly Brazilian fruits.


It's versatile. Good for seasoning salads, but even better if used to cook, to marinate or to serve as sauce or toppings.

- Natural and organic  

- Preservatives free, Allergen free, and Non-GMO

- Vegan 

- And, of course, with lots of flavor!

Vinegar and Fruit. Together and mixed to surprise you.

VACE Carpaccio

Chef's Tips:


Daring, level I (Humm, very good indeed!) 

Use it to season green salad sprinkled with nut thin slices.

Daring, level II (Isn't that exquisite?)

Use some when frying radish.

Daring, level III (God in heaven, sensational!)

Reduce it for a few minutes and… Voilà the most exciting ice cream topping you ever tasted.


Cupuacu Fruit

Fruit of off-white color, member of cocoa family. Very important source of nourishment for the Amazon region people, as it is rich in vitamin C, being a natural antioxidant for health.

Producing Region

The area of the Amazon river estuary concentrates the vast majority of the açaizeiros trees, but its cultivation has grown in recent years to other Amazon regions and southern Bahia state.


Net Weight:

250 ml (8.45 oz)


Organic alcohol vinegar, organic acai pulp, organic banana, organic Demerara sugar. 


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