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The exotic taste of the açaí fruit blended with the smoothness banana flavor creates a surprising and delicious jam.

- Natural and organic

- Preservatives free, Allergen free, and Non-GMO

- Vegan

- And, of course, with lots of flavor!

Jams with Brazilian flavor to surprise you!

Acai & Banana Jam

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Chef's Tips:

Daring, level I (Humm, very good indeed!) 

Use it diluted with a little bit of water as a sauce for pates... just divine with foie gras!

Daring, level II (Isn't that exquisite?)

Why not serve as a spicy topping on ice cream?

Daring, level III (God in heaven, sensational!)

This one is a killer! Serve as sauce with a little bit of rosemary when cooking lamb chops! 



Arguably the most Brazilian liquor of all, cachaça is a sugarcane distilled beverage. One can only call it cachaça if it has been produced in Brazil. Its alcoholic content varies between 38% e 48%. Many chefs love to use it to give flavor to sauces and desserts, and to flambé meat.

Producing Region

Today the most relevant States producing cachaça by volume are: Pernambuco, São Paulo, Ceará, Minas Gerais and Paraíba.


Net Weight:

200 g (7.05 oz)


Organic acai pulp, organic Demerara sugar, cachaça*, citric acid*, pectin*.

* Non-organic ingredients - GLUTEN FREE.

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